2012. ápr. 22.

SPOILEREK a Felemelkedéssel kapcsolatban.

Az Aliensarchive pár igen érdekes információt osztott meg a Pittsburghi forgatásról.
Csak az olvassa tovább, akit nem zavarnak az esetleges Spoilerek!!

A leglényegesebb dolog nekünk az, hogy a filmben Bane nem Bruce gerincét, hanem a lábát töri majd ki.

Itt pedig a teljes cikk angolul..

Bane Breaks...
According to the leaked call sheet that Aliensarchive has supposedly gotten his hands on Bane breaks Bruce Wayne's leg, not his back. "Bane gives BW more than a limp!!! The limp is a sign of his not having fully recovered. I'm speculating the limp is after the Bane bashing. He's in prison after the beating."

Well/Prison Spoiler
I'm gonna use SHH's Blue Sugar condensed version of Aliensarchive information. "The kid climbing up from the well in the teaser is Young Talia al Ghul (Joey King). The scene is shown at two places in the movie. First as story told to Wayne of a young girl escaping, a scene that is 18 scenes from Wayne actually escaping himself. And the second time at a scene number around the time of Talia revealing herself at City Hall, probably telling Bruce that she was THAT girl."

"I don't think you will see the cave prison until Batman gets beaten in scene 130. SK (who watches the Bane/Batman fight is prevented from leaving Gotham Airport in scene 133 by JB. BW escapes prison in scene 217. I do not know what goes on in between but I would speculate that it is the recovery from the back break, training by this Rasta character and Gotham Stadium scenes."

Another Prison Spoiler"I do not know for sure how long in 'time' he is in prison for...it is 100 scenes so I am speculating that may be the 8 years. "

New Cast Member & Role Revealed
"Stryver is being played by Burn Gorman (Torchwood), he is character number 12 but is not listed in any scenes I have."

Juno Temple Spoiler
"Her charcter name is 'Jen'...like Stryver she is on the list of characters but not listed in the scenes (Banes Lair)."

Scene Location Spoiler

Catwoman/Batpod Spoiler
Many have speculated that Catwoman steals the Batpod, but Aliensarchive says, "She doesn't steal it."

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  1. Azért ez érdekes spekuláció a lábtörés függvényében: "I would speculate that it is the recovery from the back break" Meg azt sem hinném, hogy Bruce Wayne 8 évi lenne lesz börtönben.
    Szerintem kamu az egész, reménykedem benne!